Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Party vs Candidate

As a voter I have had questions about whether to vote for the party or the candidate in an election. Well for this election I am pretty clear to vote for the party irrespective of who the candidate is. There are plenty of reasons for the same. No matter how good the candidate is, its ultimately the party whose policies and ideology gets implemented. consider the case of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The ratings tell that the nation was more in favour of him than the NDA. This was beacuse of his moderate image and high respect he got pan India. Yet under his rule we saw Gujrat riots, Mr. Vajpayee wanted so much to sack Modi but he could not due to party pressures and there the public was betrayed.
Well on the other side take the case of Ms. Indira Gandhi. She was certaily not the person who could be caged by the party (unfortunately). In her case vioting for her instead of the party would be wise choice if one agreed with her policies. But todays politics offers no strong leaders like her who can single handedly change the entire party view and dogmas held for so long. So the party rules supreme no matter how good or bad the candidate is. This rule applies specially to parties with dogmas and more fatally to BJP where its divisive ideology and emboldenment of fundamentalist Hindutva organizations at its victory make it all the more important to avoid the party even if the candidate has very good credentials.

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