Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BJP at Crossroads

The BJP has been steadily working to become a part of the main stream politics with respect to secularism, if one goes by their manifesto.

The Ram Mandir issue the manifesto says "The BJP will explore all possibilities, including negotiations and judicial proceedings, to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya."

It has a progressive view on the Waqf properties "The BJP will examine the recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee regarding Waqf properties headed by Shri K Rahman Khan, Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha, and would, in consultation with Muslim religious leaders, take steps to remove encroachments from and unauthorised occupation of waqf properties."

Also far from the VHP rhetoric the manifesto says "The Ministry of Minority Affairs, today a stagnant source of toxic politics, will be revitalised into a hub for economic projects specifically targeted towards employment creation. There will be special emphasis on crafts and small-scale industries that have been traditional employers of minorities...The success stories of Muslims in sports, cinema, industry and a host of other fields, as individuals and team players, makes every Indian proud...Terrorism does not have a religion. Those who espouse terrorism have stepped outside the moral code of their religion into barbarism. We must lift community-relations from the morass of misunderstanding."

The other side:
It is very sad to note that there is an ideological war going on with the BJP. It has not been able to free it self from the clutches of the RSS and the Sangh Parivar.

While all nice ideas has been put up in the manifesto, the implementation of the communal agenda goes without any manifesto and without the mandate of the people. The case in point can be Karnataka and Gujrat where the chief ministers ask for votes on development planks but the parivar organizations run their organized gangs to polarize the society and terrorize the minorities.

This civil war in BJP can be best represented by the two stalwarts of BJP Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Lal Krishan Advani. While Mr. Vajpayee was seen as a moderate who is proud of his culture and religion and is a through democrat and gentleman. Mr. Advani can be viewed as a hardliner who denigrates other religions and does not mind his crowd turning into a "vanar sena" and bringing a mosque down. While Mr. Vajpayee an eminent poet and a wonderful speaker built his political carrier patiently from 1952 and was elected to the post of PM in 1998, Mr. Advani chose a short cut to fame and rode the notorious rath tearing through the heart land of India and leaving a trail of bloodshed and an unforgettable wound.

Sadly today it seems that Mr. Vajpayee was a glorious exception to the rules of fame and hierarchy in BJP. Today, the Advanis call the shots and no one wants to make his name by treading a long and boring righteous route. It is sad to see that this trend continues more forcefully in the younger generation of BJP leaders. The biggest shame(not fame) Mr. Narandra Modi has earned is due to his connivance in the Gujrat pogrom. Being the most progressive CM is just a sham needed to deceive the middle class which does not find any merits in hard line hindutva. Gujrat is a state of entrepreneurs and was growing at the same pace as today long before Mr. Modi enetered Gujrat politics. Perhaps it could have done better if Mr. Modi was not there and Mr. Patel held the reins of power in Gujrat BJP. Today gujrat is socially divided into two parts Hindus and Muslims. The trade relations between the two have diminished to negligible. Had the polarisation of society not occurred Gujrat could have more inter co operation between industries and more trade. It is sad to see the Sangh foot lickers endorsing Mr. Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the next elections. It is said that symbolism plays a very important role in India. That way there will be very few things worse than having leaders who wreck the communal harmony of nation leading it from the front.

Just recently Mr. B.L. Sharma Prem, BJP candidate for Lok Sabha Elections in Delhi, let out his frustration of not being able to compete with congress in Delhi by spewing venom against the minorities. This was a direct result of his arithmetic going wrong when the BSP candidate openly declared support for Congress.

On the more talked about issue, it took just a speech for Mr. Varun Gandhi to become influential in the BJP and be one of its star campaigners. The impact was so high that people started talking about Varun Gandhi vs Rahul Gandhi battle for PM ship in 2014. Just a few days before it was uncertain whether Mr. Varun will be able to retain his seat of not.

Is it so easy to get to the top in the BJP? Does every leader have to be baptized with these irresponsible acts to be elevated to a larger role in the party? How much trust can we put on the BJP manifesto which advocates moderatism? How should we read into the coronation of venom spewers in the context of moderation of BJP? What is real the intent behind the manifesto or the manifesto evident from these acts? Will any new Vajpayees like Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Mr. Chauhan and Mr. Raman Singh find larger roles in BJP based on their hard work and moderatism or will their jump to national centre stage be a compulsion of alliances like the case was with Mr. Vajpayee?

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