Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Indira Gandhi and Julius Caesar

For a many days this thought has been haunting my mind that how similar politically were the times of Indira Gandhi and Julius Caesar. Caesar rose to popularity by defeating and literally burning down Carthege. Nothing was held more in awe by the Romans than the Carthege civilization and Caesar caught their imagination by destroying their worst nightmare. This demi God status kindled the arrogance and ambition in Caesar to spur him to cross the Rubicon. What happened next was that in loud and thunderous applause the very thing the Romans prized above all was lost, the republic was lost.

Now lets take the case of Indira Gandhi. She rose to the stature of Durga (called by none other than Mr. Vajpayee) by disintegrating the Carthege of India. Despite being better in every sense than the later Indians feared it and more hated it. It took not much time for Mrs. Gandhi to cross the Indian Rubicon. Emergency was just like reaching the other side of it. Much happened before. Democracy was again lost in most flattering and almost foot licking applause. The bureaucracy and the corruption we all have to bear today was seedling of this era which was carefully nurtured by all parties and governments (state and centre) from thereon.

Both these political and historical figures died violent deaths and used violence to turn around their hopeless careers. Particularly the case with Mrs. Gandhi, just few years before the Bangladesh war the congress had split with all the stalwarts of the congress in Congress(S) (S stands for syndicate, the Democratic group which decides the major policy issues) the democratic congress, true heir of the Congress which fought for freedom. I don't know what would have been the fate of Congress(I) (I stands for Indira) if the Bangladesh war had not happened. Quite similar was the case if I am correct with Caesar.

The sad part is that things have not changed in a thousands of years and still fear and hatred are the strongest movers. I want to ask, could there had been a solution to East Bengal (Bangladesh) problem which would keep Pakistan intact? Would it have generated an immense good will for India in the hearts of Pakistani people and helped India in the longer term? I feel it would have elevated the status of India as a statesman and we would have had far more friendly neighbours who have more common with us than with any other nation on the Earth. It would have given a lot of peace to the region and possibly there would have been no terrorism and an amicable solution to Kashmir problem as well. I may be stretching it bit far but it is a very likely possibility. Today the situation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is very distressful but Indian government never talks of creating a separate state for them even if it electorally the right rhetoric. I am not fully aware of the options the Government had then so I concede that I may not be right when I state the arguments in this paragraph.

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