Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apple ka mitha

Add ghee, laung +haldi and wait for some time......... add grated apple and cover and let it fry for abt 10 mins on low flame. After the thing is cooked add sugar and malai and dry fruits and ready to serve.

Kaddu mitha is also the same.

Kaale ka Mitha

In Ghee put one laung.... pissi hui elaichi and haldi and simmer. After some time add sugar and then milk and stir. Add Gari and dry fruits and malai and simmer till the consistency is nice. Add banna slices and boil for five mins...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

General Medicines

Combiflam-------------- inflammatory aches
Calpol---------------------Temperature and general body aches
Unienzyme------------ Indigestion (flatulence)
Sinarest/DCold(milder)----------------- Cough and Cold
Spasmmindon--------Stomach ache
Cobadex-----------------B complex
Pudin hara------------panacea for all stomach problems (2 stat)
Cetiz/Levocet-------Cetrizine ----------1 OD at nght in case of alergies
Azee/LAZ-------------1OD three days morning 15 mins before meal----------antiboitic
Enteroquinol--------loose motions-------2 stats (max three times one tab a day)
Zil-O--------- Tooth ache and stomach upset
Joshina----------------------Cold and cough
Diclowin plus------------- head aches

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sudarshan Kriya

  • Vajr Aasan
Waist --------- 8 Times
Chest---------- 8 Times
Shoulders----6 Times

  • Bhastrika
20 X 3 times clenched fists
  • Aom
3 Times
  • Sukh Aasan X 3
Long----------------------- 20 Times
Medium------------------ 40 Times
Short ---------------------- 40 Times

Shav Aasan

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Boil milk 1 ltr and then add 50 gm of Chawal (soaked) and then simmer till Chawal become soft and thoroughly mixed. Add sugar and Elaichi powder, etc. Need to stir occassionally.

Chocolate Pudding.
Bring milk to boil and add sugar. In seperate container mix corn flour with cold milk and add this to boiling milk and sugar thing. keep stirring till it becomes thick. add coc powder to boiled milk in separate container and mix it thoroughly and add it to the main mixture. Simmer for 2 mins and take it off the flame and stir during coolign as well. Garnish with what ever u like.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making Dal

Tadka before boiling...
Dhule Ma ----if fried 4 mins, o/w 1 min------------5 times water
Dhule Moongi---if fried half a whistle, o/w just when it starts whistling------4 times water
Dal Chana---------7 mins------------------------- 5 times water

Moongi Chilka----- Sanson(solid) + Rye tadka+ half nimbu in perpared dal along with garam masala------just one whistle------- 4 times water

Tadka after Boiling
Saabat Masar------6 mins-----------------------5 times water
Saabat Moongi----10 mins---------------------5 times water
Ma------------------------30 mins---------------------5 times water
Rajma-------------------overnight soaked- 35 mins, o/w 50 mins--------------5 times(soaked), 7 times o/w water------------ masala of tomato and onions
Arhar--------------------just 1/2 whistle---------5 times water
Roongi---------soaked overnight 5 mins, o/w 10 mins--------- 4 times , o/w 5 times ------masala of tomato and onion

Kati(Sour) Roongi----- Boil Rongi(Whistle+ 5/10mins)----------tadka in sukha masala-----in separate bowl mix curd and sugar andput it in tadka and stir till it leaves oil then pour in it the boiled Roongi....... no tomato or onion

either chana masala tadka or normal tadka
Kale Chana-----------------soaked overnight 45 mins, o/w 60 mins-------------5 times, o/w 6 times---------- masaala of onions and tomato in both tadka.
Safed Chana---------------soaked overnight 20 mins, o/w 40 mins------------5 times. o/w 6 times water


Moongi Chilka (1:2 :: dal: chawal)---- water little more than double-----1 min----
Ma Chilka (1:2::dal:water)-------water little more than double------1min----