Sunday, August 23, 2009

General Medicines

Combiflam-------------- inflammatory aches
Calpol---------------------Temperature and general body aches
Unienzyme------------ Indigestion (flatulence)
Sinarest/DCold(milder)----------------- Cough and Cold
Spasmmindon--------Stomach ache
Cobadex-----------------B complex
Pudin hara------------panacea for all stomach problems (2 stat)
Cetiz/Levocet-------Cetrizine ----------1 OD at nght in case of alergies
Azee/LAZ-------------1OD three days morning 15 mins before meal----------antiboitic
Enteroquinol--------loose motions-------2 stats (max three times one tab a day)
Zil-O--------- Tooth ache and stomach upset
Joshina----------------------Cold and cough
Diclowin plus------------- head aches

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